Putting Our Heart and Soul Into Every Dish

Putting Our Heart and Soul Into Every Dish

Learn more about our owner's journey

Sometimes cooking is more than just a hobby. For Willie Paul, it was a saving grace. Incarcerated for over 17 years, Willie didn't have much to lean on when he was released. But he found a passion and a purpose through his family's homestyle recipes.
Starting with meals sold out of the back of a truck, he set his sights on the dream of owning his very own restaurant.

He saved up, honed his craft and eventually earned an associate culinary degree. Willie P's Soul Food is living proof that hard work and determination can pay off in the end. Willie and his wife run both our brick-and-mortar restaurant and our food truck.

Our local restaurant never takes a single day for granted, serving up traditional soul food just how Willie's grandpa and grandma would have done it. Stop by today for classic comfort.